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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How many children are in each group?

  2. Do you only speak English during the sessions?

  3. Do the sessions occur once a week?

  4. Are the instructors’ Native English speakers?

  5. Do we sign up for the program on a yearly basis? 

  6. Do you recommend participating in the communal activities in addition to the extracurricular programs? 

  7. Do the communal activities and group lessons happen in the same place? 

  8. Can I sign up two children for the same group? 

  9. What will my children receive from joining your courses?

  10. Are there any discounts?

  11. Can I come for a trial lesson?

  12. What if I want to quit mid-year?

  13. How does the payment work?

Of course! All of our instructors have been speaking English since childhood. 

Yes. This is done in order to form continuity within a group that learns and develops together along with the same instructor. 

Our groups are small, with only 5-8 children in each one.

To learn the language as a whole and within context, all of the lessons are conducted in English only. However, if we detect impatience or frustration among the children, we translate for them!

Yes, but you can sign up for more than one session.

We highly recommend Game Time as an additional weekly activity. It’s great to come occasionally to the communal activities and freely practice what was learned in the small group lessons with peers.

No. The group lessons are conducted within multiple locations throughout Be’er Sheva and Omer and the communal activities take place in the Bet and Daled Neighborhoods.

In most cases we prefer to create our groups according to grade and age, but sometimes we’ll allow siblings to learn together. 

Our courses provide a safe place for children to learn and practice speaking English with their peers. Each class provides a different means of learning, so the child can be enrolled in a group that best fits their needs and desires. They will receive self-confidence, intuition about grammar and language rules and belief in their abilities and capabilities. They will improve and maintain their language skills through fun activities that they enjoy and make them excited about learning.

We provide discounts for siblings as well as a friend’s discount if you refer someone who enrolls in courses. However, you may only use one discount. We would be happy to speak with you if you need more information or extra help to afford courses, as we believe learning English should be accessible to everyone.

Each child may arrive to a trial lesson for a one time payment of 80 shekels, before deciding to sign up for the course. They may try multiple groups before deciding which group works best for them.

If you need to discontinue your membership for any reason we are happy to discuss it with you. We are always happy to hear your feedback and perhaps we can find a solution for the reason to discontinue. It is always possible to discontinue courses and the end of each month, as memberships are paid on a monthly basis.

We prefer online payments through our website; however it is also possible to pay with cash if necessary.

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