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ברוכים הבאים! אנחנו מרכז שפות
The Treehouse Language Center

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ה-Treehouse הוא מרכז שפות קהילתי שהוקם על ידי קבוצה של דוברי אנגלית בבאר שבע ומציע קורסי שפה משמעותיים ובמחירים נוחים לילדים ולבני נוער ממגוון רקעים בפריפריה הישראלית, כמו גם הזדמנויות תעסוקה לעולים חדשים ודוברי אנגלית בנגב. באמצעות פעילויות האנגלית והעברית שלנו, לעולים יש הזדמנות ללמוד מקצוע חדש, ללמד שפות, לצבור ניסיון מקצועי ולבנות את ביטחונם כחברים פעילים ותורמים בחברה הישראלית, באמצעות התנדבות והזדמנויות עבודה.

אנו מלמדים אנגלית מדוברת בצורה חיובית וחווייתית, המתבססת על הסקרנות הטבעית של התלמידים שלנו ומדגישה את הכיף שנמצא בתהליך הלמידה.


מה שאנו מציעים

1. כל אחד מהמורים שלנו מלמד את השיעורים שלו בשיטה שונה, חלק מהמגוון שלנו כולל- אומנות, תנועה, מוזיקה, גינון ומשחקי ילדות.

2. כיתות בקבוצות קטנות (4-8 ילדים).

3. Game time, Game time 2.0 .

4. אירועים קהילתיים (חגים, סדנאות, הפנינג).

5. קייטנות בחופשות.

What Do We Offer?


Games, Drama, Art, Music, Movement, and Gardening Activities in English

המרכז הראשי

Small Groups with up to 8 children in each group.

יחס אישי

Depending on the age group. 

45-60 דקות

Classes are located throughout Be'er Sheva and Omer.

נגיש לכולם

Located in "Beit Hapark" Park Hasofrim, where you can find English for Everyone!

המרכז הראשי

  • Small group classes for ages 4-15. 

  • Parent and Me

  • Homeschool

  • Special Needs

  • English Speakers

המרכז הראשי


An open space for Immersive English Learning.

Held at a discounted rate, without the yearlong commitment.

יחס אישי

Holiday and community events held throughout the year including, family day, Storytime, Makers Day) Events are published on our blog and social media.

45-60 דקות

Like going to camp in the USA without the need to fly!

We offer a range of different experiences and options for breaks from school during the spring and the summer.

נגיש לכולם

מה הילדים מקבלים?




Engagement and Fun

It is our mission to impart language-learning in a positive and immersive manner; we want to avoid shame or frustration that can accompany a language acquisition process.

Creating a Safe Space

Language is best learned when allowed to try and make mistakes again and again. At the Treehouse, there are no exams and there are no failures.  We allow children a safe space to just try.  To do this, we keep our learning groups small: 4-8 children per group.

A Variety of Themes

Language is meant to be a tool of communication and not just a subject that is taught in school. We offer children a wide variety of fields to learn from: art, theatre, movement, gardening cooking and more! in small groups!


Our teachers motivate the children to learn, understand and try to speak by speaking slowly and in a repetitive manner and using body language, hand gestures and facial expressions. This allows the children to understand more every lesson!

Everyone Can Learn English

We understand that every child learns differently, so we give special attention to every child as a unique individual- what they love to do, their interests, their fears and the challenges they face. We also have affordable prices and offer scholarships for children who need them.

Community Learning

Different styles, accents and expressions of language instruction provide a holistic approach to learning. Our programs utilize international staff and students.

The Children Choose to Attend

We ensure that the children want to participate in the programming and are not forced by their parents or teachers. When we encounter lack of motivation, we tailor our lessons to the interests of the children.  If this doesn’t work, we offer them the chance to try other lessons, groups or teachers until we match their taste, curiosity and true motivation to learn.

Motivation, Not Homework

Practice through games in a fun atmosphere can continue at home as preparation for the next lesson, or from lesson to lesson. We encourage the children to practice the language at every opportunity using the language and games taught in class or through books, movies, TV shows, songs and so on.

A Holistic Perspective

We see ourselves as an important part of the English community and the city. We educate our students for multicultural experiences and offer a range of programming in which they can participate. 

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